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Tar And Chip Installation For Added Protection in Houston,TX

Many municipalities and businesses need asphalt paving, but they do not have the budget for it. If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative to traditional paving, Perfection Paving has it. Tar and chip installation provides the same benefits as asphalt paving services but is more budget-friendly. Contact us today!

Tar and Chip Installation

This is an effective method for improving the condition of your county or municipal roads. We grade the surface, put down base to keep everything compact and apply hot oil called CRS2 at a temperature of 130 to 165 degrees. Next, we apply a 3/8 stone or chip rock over the top, and then we roll it and compact it with a hydrostatic roller.

Tar and chip paving looks like asphalt. Residents in your area have probably been driving on tar and chip and may not have known it because chip seal is on most county roads. Chip seal enhances safety by providing good skid resistance, and it prevents aging and deterioration of the asphalt surface from the effects of water and sun.

Road, Tar and Chip Installation, Houston, TX